We’re All About Win-Win Relationships

Together we elevate business and deliver superior results through fusing technology, creativity, innovation, expertise and strategy, embracing Win-Win relationships.

Our Story

“While everyone else is fighting over the pie, we bake more.”

Meet Our Team

Bake More Pies has invested in the latest technology and innovative studio space, and most importantly, the expertise of its support team. Get to know the team and the decades of experience they bring to the Bake More Pies family of clients.

Cordes Owen

CEO & Founder

The Founder of BakeMorePies, Cordes brings his broad base of experience and proven track record of success to a select group of growing organizations who are looking for cutting-edge and innovative strategies to outpace their competition.

A native of Augusta, GA., Cordes began his career working within the Internet industry in the mid-1990’s while attending Georgia Tech in Atlanta. During this time he worked for a large solution provider as well as a consultant to small and medium-sized businesses. His internet acumen was observed by his professors who hired him to work on their research projects studying this exciting emerging marketplace. Before graduating, Cordes’ projects had earned awards from nationally recognized media outlets including placement in the Forbes “Best of the Web” issue and #3 spot in PC Week’s fast track 500.

After moving to Tampa in 2001 Cordes continued his work across several industries including medical, retail, sporting, travel, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, and education. During this time he worked to grow these businesses by developing web solutions coupled with results-driven online advertising campaigns. In 2006 he joined one of the nation’s largest agencies specializing in local advertising and co-op marketing as their Director of E-commerce and Internet Marketing. While working with the agency Cordes worked to develop and deploy innovative solutions that worked within each tier of the manufacturer, distributor, and dealer distribution model.

Prior to starting Bake More Pies, Cordes served in executive roles at two of the largest Tampa based agencies where he lead teams delivering custom digital and marketing solutions to a diverse set of clients that ranged from startups to fortune 100 companies and governments.

Mike Curia

Vice President

Mike is a strategic digital leader with nearly a decade of experience bringing digital marketing, e-commerce, and business applications to life. Mike has helped hundreds of organizations build their digital presence and increase revenue by identifying customer needs, creating strategic recommendations, and implementing digital solutions that enhance and grow businesses.

Mike is a proud West Virginia University alumnus, holding a bachelor’s and master’s degree in marketing from WVU. In his spare time, you can find Mike traveling and enjoying the outdoors playing tennis, fishing, and hiking.

Fun Fact: Mike is Mia’s favorite ball thrower and can eat his body weight in gummy bears.

Favorite Pie: Cheese Pizza

Hailey Plunkett Owen

Director of Account Services

Hailey’s 10 years of agency experience crosses over a variety of industries. No matter what market you are in, she is focused on creating win-win solutions. Her education and skills are tailored to Digital Media and Marketing, and Account/Project Management. She is a proud alumnus of the University of South Florida and Duke University.

Hailey has a love for dogs, specifically Boston Terriers, and she volunteers with the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida in her spare time. She also enjoys a good book, cooking up a homemade meal, watching sports and being on the water.

Fun Facts: Hailey played volleyball in college, she can’t walk by a microwave with time remaining without clearing it, and anytime Freeform airs a Harry Potter weekend she will forget what she was doing and watch it.

Favorite Pie: Key Lime

Tim Edwards

Senior Digital Media Manager

Tim was born and raised in Iowa, and moved to Tampa in 2001. He worked in the foodservice industry as a bartender and manager before returning to school at USF to complete his bachelor’s degree in marketing. The fast-paced, dynamic world of digital marketing was a natural fit for Tim, since these were the same characteristics that he loved about the restaurant business. Tim was the first employee at Bake More Pies, and joined the team in 2015.

Tim has a passion for fishing, cooking, and growing his own ingredients. His idea of a perfect day consists of fishing the flats, catching a nice fish, and then turning his catch into an elaborate dinner to share with his wife, Francesca, and dogs, Stella and Sadie.

Favorite Pie: Key Lime

Valerie Noel

Senior Digital Account Manager

Valerie has more than 12 years of experience, which began with a strong foundation in traditional advertising, project management, and search engine marketing working with B2C clients. She went on to specialize in all digital channels for primarily B2B clients, leading all lines of execution from strategic direction to tactical implementation.

Valerie earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from the University of South Florida. Outside of work she spends her time volunteering with the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center and the Junior League of Tampa.

Favorite Pie: Pumpkin Pie

Heather McHugh

Senior Digital Account Manager

Upon graduating with a B.S. degree in Marketing & Business Administration from Northern Kentucky University, where she was an NCAA All-Academic soccer player, Heather chose to delay a career and instead traveled the world before moving to Los Angeles to try her luck in Hollywood. After many years and many memories, Heather moved to Florida, received her BFA in Studio Art (Painting and Photography) and decided to settle down. Her life experiences and education make her a well-rounded Account Manager capable of working with many types of clients and personalities to always achieve the best possible solutions.

Outside of work, Heather is a fitness fanatic, triathlete and animal lover. An Ironman All World Athlete, you can find her swimming, biking and running an absurd number of miles all over town

Fun Facts: You can find Heather in a 2005 episode of The King of Queens, but she won’t tell you which one. Now Heather enjoys her days working out more than normal people, reading books, watching old movies and spending time with her life partner and their rescue cats.

Favorite Pie: Cheesecake

Allyson Russo

Digital Account Manager

Allyson, who goes by Ally, is originally from Long Island, New York and moved to Florida with her family when she was a teen. She graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. Since graduating, Ally has been working at digital and traditional advertising and marketing in Sarasota and Tampa in both account management and media planning/buying, leading to her role at Bake More Pies as a Digital Account Manager.

In her free time, Ally enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and fiancé (and their three adorable adopted cats: Boots, Fred and Chester). She also enjoys watching her favorite sports teams, working out, scuba diving and attending concerts.

Fun Fact: Ally spent 20 years dancing competitively and recreationally and has performed at Disney's Magic Kingdom and in the Hollywood Christmas Parade in California

Favorite pie: Oreo Pudding Pie

Jennifer Lalji

Social Media & Content Manager

Jennifer is known around the office as Jen and is notorious for her pun-isher style dad jokes! She graduated from the University of South Florida, receiving her degree in Marketing. After graduating, Jen traveled the world as a Marketing Coordinator and Corporate Trainer, but wanting to relocate to her native Florida, she moved from Dallas, Texas and joined the BMP Team. By far, her best decision yet!

Jen focuses on implementing and managing our client's SEO strategies, along with overseeing our social media strategies across various platforms, including but not limited to reputation management, content & graphic creation, and analyzing analytics. You can count on Jen to stay up to date with the latest SEO and Social Media tactics in an everchanging, digital world!

Jen has been described by many as a “Boomer trapped in a Millennial's body” due to the colliding of her new age and blast-from-the-past ways! She has a passion for music of all eras and collects vintage vinyl records. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, photography, and record hunting.

Favorite Pie: Apple Pie #Basic

Rachel Shattler

Account Coordinator

Rachel attended Florida State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising. Wanting to explore beyond her small-town home, she relocated to Tampa after graduation. It’s here that Rachel joined the Bake More Pies team as an Account Coordinator and now assists with managing the agency’s accounts. She uses her passion for people to further drive BMP’s history of strong client relationships, ensuring that goals and standards on both ends are exceeded.

Favorite Pie: Her mom’s homemade Pumpkin Pie

Fun Fact: In her free time, you’ll find Rachel checking out local taco and hot dog joints, cheering on her favorite sports teams (War Eagle!), and watching TV shows from the 60s and 70s, most likely westerns!

Kyley Hagan

Client Success Manager

My name is Kyley. I have a long history with building brand awareness from the ground up. My time spent in the startup world has taught me how to hit the market hard with half of the normal budget and on little to no sleep. I'm a firm believer in the power of people and embarrassing myself in the hopes of seeking growth. I have a golden-doodle named Mozzarella, and in my free time, I am currently writing a book. I love to travel, and happen to be a Tampa transplant but envision myself here for the foreseeable future.

Favorite Pie: Apple Pie

Fun Facts: I'm an ordained minister, an author, and I'm only missing 7/50 states!

Bobby Marinelli

Director of Video Production

Bobby earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production from Florida State University.

For nearly 15 years he has created award-winning video content, including recognition at the Dances with Films Festival, Festival Court Metrange and College Television Awards, where he was honored with the “Student Emmy” in the Comedy Category.

In addition to award-winning content, he recently wrote and directed a feature horror film, Death Cast, which will premiere later this year at various film festivals across the country.

Favorite Pie: Pot Pie

Bruce Murray

Video Production

Coming Soon

Domonique Neukomm

Digital Media Buying Specialist

Domonique goes by Nikki and graduated from the University of South Florida. Nikki studied Mass Communications and Advertising and holds certifications in Google Ads, Adskills, Hubspot and is now completing her FB Blueprint certification. While Nikki started at BMP as an intern, she now helps manage ad platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing and Trade desk.

Fun Facts:
Nikki has an internationally viral photo! (see link below) She shot this at an international refugee welcoming ceremony at USF. The school newspaper published it and used it as their main image for the event the following year. The year after that- Welcoming America used the image in their international refugee campaign and since then the image has been used by Penn State Law, Boston University and across several blogs.

Favorite Pie: Cherry Pie

Daniel Rogers


Daniel attended Florida State University, where he received his bachelors degree in International Affairs. Daniel has always had an interest in technology, understanding systems and enjoys solving problems which led him to pursue a career as a web developer.

Favorite Pie: Key Lime

Roby Zuniga

Designer and Developer

In the last 12 years, Roby has moved between technical and artistic roles including those of Graphic Designer, Illustrator, 3D artist and Video Game Programmer. Roby’s creative personality permeates to every project he undertakes, regardless of its nature. He strides to find innovative solutions in order to overcome otherwise monotonous obstacles. At Bake More Pies, Roby’ aim is to provide delightful Online Experiences and Create Imaginative Designs.

Favorite Pie: Sweet Plantain Pie

Mia Plunkett Owen

Ball Chaser

Mia is a one eyed Boston that has torn her ACL in both hind legs. Despite her physical challenges, none of it stops her from her full time post as Ball Chaser here at Bake More Pies. She has mastered the art of fetch and spreads joy to all of the staff through play.

Fun Fact: Mia needs to be restrained on the boat from diving into the water she loves swimming so much.

Favorite Pie: Peanut Butter Pie

Pepper Plunkett Owen

Pro Snuggler

You would never know Pepper only has one year of experience as a pro snuggler because she’s just that good. She enjoys her full-time post at Bake More Pies bringing stress relief to all through snuggles and kisses.

Fun Fact: Pepper suffers from separation anxiety disorder when away from her mom, she will jump into your lap and offer kisses at any moment, and she will chew anything whether you want her to or not.

Favorite Pie: Egg (Quiche)

Our Philosophy

Bake More Pies was born from the belief that if we provide a great value and great results, we create a Win-Win world where we can scale and grow together with our clients. We structure these relationships by pairing innovation, custom services, and teams around the exact needs of our clients, fulfilling the promise of our name – Bake More Pies.